Liet Unlimited was founded in 2008 by Taylor James.

In 2009, Becky Kurle joined Liet Unlimited as co-owner and lead graphic designer. Together, Becky and Taylor created a business that is known for creating quality products, quick turnaround time and exceptional customer service.

At Liet Unlimited, there is a strong belief in supporting the local community and giving back to the place they call home. From sourcing supplies locally to sponsoring local athletes and teams, and donating proceeds from their web store, Liet Unlimited is dedicated to being a contributing member to the local community and outdoor recreation organizations.

The unique part about Liet Unlimited, is the adventure and outdoor lifestyle these two have woven into each of their sides of the business.

Taylor is a lifetime artist, avid mountain biker, skier, and dirt biker in his spare time.

When he's not printing in the shop, you are sure to catch him on a mountain.

Taylor James backflipping a ski jump.


Becky is also an artist, mountain biker, cake decorator and dirt biker in her spare time. She recently became a mom to an adorable baby girl Monroe. 

Becky getting another rider stoked!   Becky, her husband, and baby Monroe